Diane is a Co founder of Global Placement Pros. With over 20 years of results driven- oriented sales and management experience, she works closely with industry- leading companies and top talent worldwide. She has won several state. regional, and national record setting awards throughout her career.

Her education in Engineering, Nuclear Physics, Business Management, & Real Estate gives her a breadth and depth of knowledge that has been unsurpassed in her chosen fields. She earned her dual degree in Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Medicine Technology at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. Home of the Missouri Tigers.

Working across many industries with a focus on Health Safety and Environment in recruiting, transaction negotiations, management at various levels of customer relations, sales, medical, real estate and hospitality, Diane has maintained her tenacity, perseverance,  and attention to detail that it takes to perform at the highest levels in this ever-evolving world. She is best known for her work ethic, integrity and ability to impact people on both sides of a transaction. Never short of setting company records for her outstanding performance, she consistently serves as a prominent role model for young people and her own team members.


Serving both contract work and the permanent placement sectors, Diane is dedicated to bringing Safety to the work world and connecting companies with the right systems and programs that integrate well within your organization.

When she's not working, you will find Diane visiting with her amazing family and grandchild or kick boxing and challenging her colleagues to higher levels.


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