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Health Safety and Environment


We are a Placement Company - Recruiting for top talent in today's environment. Today’s concern is not just about changing but about how to best change with a focus on Health, Safety, Environment and Economics all converging. Having years of experience operating in the market and as leaders in the market, we have profound knowledge of how the market works, how challenges present themselves; and we have valued insight regarding how entrepreneurs, functional leaders, top consultants, successful companies, cultures, and more, deal with these challenges and with driving these challenges.


We know that these times seem crippled by the pandemic and fraught with fear from the novel Coronavirus pandemic. These times may seem rather surreal to us all. And, we experience days and nights unlike any we have encountered in our lives. One thing remains constant however. Change.

We work with leaders, companies, government agencies and candidates

seeking positions in the following sectors:

  • Technology

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Engineering

  • Healthcare

  • Transportation

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • International Shipping/Trade/Finance

We are, globally, evolving to a greater awareness of the importance of Safety both in the work place and in our daily lives. Without our Health, without our Safety, we have little left to maintain ourselves. We need our Safety Health and Environment to become economically viable and be the best we can attain and to be at the top of our game. At Global Placement Pros, 0ur first priority is Health Safety and Environment. And, to assist our clients, we've teamed with the Best - A company who has a solid foundation based on knowledge, a company who is down-to-earth with strategic planning and communication, and who adheres to their word and protocol in the same manner we do. 


We are here to help you Climb Higher and Go Farther. Let's do it Safely!


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